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The Star Sanses is a group that consists out of Ink Sans, Dream! Sans and Underswap! Sans 1 Appearances 2 Personalities 2.1 Ink Sans 2.2 Dream! Sans 2.3 Underswap! Sans 3 Powers & Abilities 3.1 Ink, the art noodle 3.2 3.3 Dream, the smart noodle 3.4 Blueberry, the heart noodle 4 Themes 4.1 Ink Sans 4.2 Dream! Sans 4.3 Underswap! Sans 5 Safety Points 6 Trivia The group's appearances are usually ... Mar 13, 2018 - Read Swap! Sans x Innocent!Reader ~ Part 2 - Wattpad. Find this Pin and more on <3 by Readanatic.

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May 25, 2019 - Read Chapter 14 from the story Too Many Sanses (Undertale au sans x goddess reader) DISCONTINUED by XXXRainbowGlitterXXX (Memelord Of Cringe) with 3,564 reads...
Tags: Undertale, Battles ,Undertale Multiverse Battles , Multiverse, Au Battles , Au , Sans. 12/29/2020. Max Players. 10. Genre. Fighting.May 25, 2016 · May 25, 2016 - Underswap is one of the cutest things ^.^

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Tags: Undertale, Battles ,Undertale Multiverse Battles , Multiverse, Au Battles , Au , Sans. 12/29/2020. Max Players. 10. Genre. Fighting.
Jul 06, 2016 · Undertale Comic. Underfell sans, papyrus, mettaton, frisk. Undertale Comic Undertale Drawings Undertale Fanart Underfell Sans X Frisk Pokemon Underswap Indie Games ... The BIGGEST UPDATE YET for Among Sans! As before, the update includes both an EMIP file for UABE or AU Launcher, and a handy-dandy EXE installer. This mod takes (one of) your favorite skelebros from the indie classic Undertale and puts him into Among...

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Ink x Reader Lemon. G x Wolf reader. (Request) Sans (Classic) x Neko Reader (Request) ... Undertale AU Sanses and Papyruses x Reader Lemons (requests closed, on hiatus)
Sep 15, 2017 - Having fun in the livestream QUQ 1st pic was my idea, then the other 3 was suggest by people in the chat xD thank you guys for having fun time chat with... Stream fun SANS-sation Read Alterfell! Sans x Reader lemon from the story Undertale AU by UnityOfCheerios (Beans) with 3,168 reads. tilfeldig, undertale Just some drabbles about undertale and the other AU's (alternate universes) I do requests so like character x character or...

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Aug 16, 2020 - Aquí os traigo una recopilación de cómics y/o dibujos del ship Frans ^o^ Si eres un/a verdadero/a fan de esta pareja, darás voto a cada parte de esta histori...
lemons mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm whyareyoureadingthetags forgivemepls underswap_au. Underfell sans x reader Lemon.Undertale Fanart. Dream Sans. Funny Marvel Memes. Undertale Drawings. Dreams And Nightmares. Editing Pictures.

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AU Sanses x Female Reader One-Shots. Hey guys! This is a book where you can request, read, and other stuff! ... Undertale Comic Funny Undertale Memes Undertale Ships ...
Undertale Fanart. Dream Sans. Funny Marvel Memes. Undertale Drawings. Dreams And Nightmares. Editing Pictures.#fanart #undertale fanart #undertale #undertale au #underfell #mafiafell #mafiafell sans #i love his red smoke #just cant draw it yet. #undertale #sans #papyrus #mafiafell #humantale #digital #fanart #my art #gijinka.

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Nov 14, 2017 - Read Underswap Sans X Reader Lemon from the story Undertale AU oneshots/lemons by Lily_May_Faire (Lily May Faire) with 8,825 reads. errorsans, papyrus, fanfict...
Jun 08, 2020 · Undertale: Underfell is a character-driven RPG in which players interact with monsters who wish to harm them. It is an AU (alternate universe) of the well-known role-playing video game Undertale. Featuring old-school graphics and complex strategy, Underfell is a fun single-player game that's sure to keep fans of the Undertale series entertained. He destroys other AU's, but leaves the original Undertale alone, because of his view on the other AUs as "abomionations" of the game. Mainly known as "King Sans," Storyshift Sans comes from an AU where all the characters have their roles in different parts of the...

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Mar 6, 2019 - Read Chapter 12: Heartbeat. from the story New feeling (Possessive) Au Sanses X Female!Reader by LovingBlueberry7 (Dawn) with 5,043 reads. jealousy, ink, sans...
Read Nightmare x Reader (lemon) from the story ALL Au Sanses x reader Lemon (requests please) by Undertale2123 (Cadence Cameron) with 17,750 reads. lemon. Don't read. Also, I need more requests, I'm working on one thing right now and when I finish I'll need something else to do.

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Alastor x reader FANFICTION READING #4 - quiet musings by the river. The Ereri Otaku. Все концовки в Undertale (Читайте описание).
Sep 25, 2017 - para los que le da flojera o no saben ingles por traduciré para ustedes :D las imágenes no son mias